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Alham Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad is one of the leading Manufacturers of Mild Steel (M.S) Galvanized Iron (G.I) Pipes, Steel Tubes & Profiles. We are in the field of manufacturing since 1998. Our products have widely been acclaimed as second to none in quality, durability and entire satisfaction of our valued client. Being an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Our products are standardized as per international quality standards. Our achievements over the last 22 years speaks for themselves through volume of our success expertise and commitments to time bond deliveries. Our solutions have given us the edge in the market over our competitors.

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Now, it’s easier to have the best quality services. To meet our customers needs, we constantly improve and deliver on our promise. We constantly monitor our services:

Alham service uptime 97%
Delivery service uptime 95%
Solve technical requests under 24h 92%




Alham galvanized (G.I) pipe are made from prime quality steel coil and galvanized using special high grade zinc(SHG 99.995 %) which provides shield against corrosion and rust.Pipes are manufactured in accordance with international standards (BS 1387:1985 / BS EN-10255-2004 , ASTM A53)

Alham Mildsteel (M.S) pipe are made from prime quality of Hot Rolled steel coil.
MS pipe is also available in Sch-40 ideal for water transmission (high pressure, fluids, extreme temperature) Pipes are manufactured in accordance with international standards (BS 1387:1985 / BS EN-10255-2004 , ASTM A53)


The Steel Tubes and Pipes are manufactured by using the process called Electric Resistance Welding (E.R.W.) This technique is adopted universally. The world’s most sophisticated and efficient method of tube welding. The Steel coil is cut to specified with very close tolerance and with edges that are in the ideal condition for perfect welding. These strips are made to pass through various forming roles. The result is a strong welded pipe/ tube but without change in its chemical composition.